Assessment Literacy for Preschool Teachers

By: ELTC | Closed Course | Tier I: Foundation

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  • Duration: March - October 2022

  • LMS: Google Classroom

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Course Description

Assessment Literacy for Preschool Teachers (ALPS) is an initiative by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to enhance the assessment skills among preschool teachers. The mode of the course is blended. The course focuses on the enhancement of assessment knowledge and skills in School-Based Assessment (SBA). It also emphasises on strategies to bridge teaching and learning to assessment as well as translating the 'can do' statements from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to assessment activities. The target group for this course is preschool teachers from the Ministry of Education.

The course consists of three modules:

  • ALPS 1013 : Concepts and Principles of School-Based Assessment for the Preschool Classroom

  • ALPS 1023 : Understanding CEFR in the Preschool Classroom

  • ALPS 1033 : Developing Instruments and Reporting Procedures in the Preschool Classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss important concepts and principles of assessment in the English language classroom.

  2. Design assessment activities based on assessment strategies in the English language classroom.

  3. Analyse issues and challenges in School-Based Assessment.

  4. Discuss the 'can do' statements in relation to the CEFR-aligned curriculum.

  5. Translate the CEFR 'can do' statements to learning objectives.

  6. Design assessment plan for the language skills.

  7. Design traditional assessment instruments for the language skills in the English language classroom.

  8. Present alternative assessment instruments for the language skills.

  9. Produce effective feedback for traditional and alternative assessment.


This course will be delivered using a blended approach with online and onsite training. More information will be available soon. For any queries, please contact the course instructor at this email address:


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