Experiencing AR & VR in ELT

By: ELTC | Micro Course | Tier II: Developing

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  • Duration: 6 hours

  • LMS: OpenLearning

  • Instructor email: ipgm-2485@moe-dl.edu.my

Course Description

This course offers opportunities for learners to experience Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in English Language Teaching (ELT) . In this course, participants will learn how to integrate AR & VR in planning an engaging and immersive lesson beyond the classroom walls.

Learning Outcome

  1. Experience the possibilities and limitations of AR & VR in ELT.

  2. Integrate AR & VR in planning an engaging and immersive lesson.


  • Tier II Silver Badge: TPACK - Technology

  • 600 Points

  • An e-certificate