Managing Resources

Domain 5: Managing Resources

This domain focuses on how educators evaluate, adapt and develop effective and appropriate learning materials and resources for the teaching context. View available micro courses designed for this domain here. You can choose a micro course here to start your learning or explore improvement pathways related to this domain.


T I E R  I  :  F O U N D A T I O N

Padlet: Transforming Classroom Collaboration I

Learn how to create a Padlet account and how to create a post on Padlet

Classcraft Tier 1

Classcraft Tier I Learn through experiential knowledge on how Quest works in Classcraft.

Introduction to Edpuzzle

Learn how to create an Edpuzzle account for teachers and how to use it for flipped ESL classroom

Introduction to Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in ELT

Learn the fundamental theories and application of AR & VR in ELT

Introduction to Classcraft

Learn the fundamental and basic concept of Classcraft

T I E R   II  :  D E V E L O P I N G 

Padlet: Transforming Classroom Collaboration II

Explore different ways of utilising Padlet for collaboration

Experiencing Edpuzzle

Experience using  Edpuzzle as a student and share some ideas on how to use it in your own context.

Experiencing Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in ELT

Explore various ways you can use AR & VR in ELT

Learning Material Adaptation

Get to know an overview of the different types of learning materials, the principles of Learning Material Development in the CEFR-aligned English classroom and the importance of developing learning materials.

T I E R   III  :  P R O F I C I E N T 

Padlet: Transforming Classroom Collaboration III

Learn how to create a Padlet page with an activity for online collaboration

Becoming an Edpuzzle Teacher

Learn how to create an Edpuzzle quiz for your own classroom context

Education 5.0: AI & NLP

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be integrated into education

Gamification with Genially

Learn how to use Genially to integrate gamification in learning

Unboxing Literature in the 21st Century Classroom

 Learn the ways how the teaching of literature can be included in the in the English language curriculum. 

Interactive Infographics with Genially

Learn to create interactive infographics with Genially.

Digital Storytelling with Genially

 Learn how you can create digital story using Genially.

Classcraft Tier II

Prepare yourself to be a Classcraft trainer by creating a gamified lesson for your students.

T I E R   IV  :  E X P E R T

Becoming an Edpuzzle Coach

Be an Edpuzzle coach by joining and completing an Edpuzzle Certification Programme

Padlet: Transforming Classroom Collaboration IV

Prepare yourself to be a Padlet trainer by using your previous knowledge about Padlet.