HIP Remedial Instruction Online Module for Year 4 RI Teachers

By:  ELTC  |  Tier III: Proficient

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Course Description

Upskilling teachers in remedial instructional approach in order for them to plan for and deliver integrated lessons using HIP RI strategies and the HIP RI toolkit to support Year 4 remedial students in their English lessons. Through the training, teachers will be able to track their students progress through various data points.


This course is delivered using Google Classroom. In order to access the classroom, you must first have your Delima ID. Please ensure you register using your full name. For any queries, please contact the course instructor at this email address: g-55141187@moe-dl.edu.my

INSTRUCTOR EMAILS: g-55141187@moe-dl.edu.my, ipgm-3165@moe-dl.edu.my, ipgm-3141@moe-dl.edu.my, ipgm-3167@moe-dl.edu.my, ipgm-3166@moe-dl.edu.my

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course, Year 4 HIP Remedial Instruction Teachers will be able to:

plan for and deliver effective RI lessons for their Year 4 English students 

make data informed decisions in their RI lesson planning

demonstrate a RI lesson


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