English for Preschool Teachers (EPT) Phase 1

By: ELTC | Closed Course | Tier I: Foundation

  • Duration: 10.03.2021 - 31.03.2021

  • LMS: Google Classroom

  • Class Codes: (only provided for selected participants)

  • Pre-requisite(s): Selected preschool teachers who are at A1 and A2 levels based on Ujian Kecekapan Bahasa Inggeris (UKBI)

  • Instructor email: literacyeltc@gmail.com

Course Description

English for Preschool Teachers (EPT) is an initiative by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to improve the proficiency level of preschool teachers in the country. The programme is carried out in three phases which are conducted online. The programme comprises of three courses, EPT 1012 English Language Proficiency, EPT 1022 Instructional Language and EPT 1032 English Language Teaching Methodology. The modules are designed to complement one another to provide the participants with a holistic proficiency study experience. These modules comprise of a variety of exercises, stimuli, quizzes, discussions and resources to help teachers improve their proficiency level. This will give course participants opportunities to explore a repertoire of language-based activities which provide ample practices.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use words of different word classes accurately.

  2. Use the forms of tenses in different contexts accurately.

  3. Apply subject-verb agreement rules in different contexts accurately.

  4. Use different sentence types in context accurately.

  5. Apply the grammar rules accurately in appropriate situations.

  6. Infer meanings by analysing contextual content of various text types.

  7. Speak confidently and fluently on a variety of contexts.

  8. Communicate effectively in English in various situations.

  9. Use imperative sentences in conducting lesson.

  10. Use imperative sentences in language activities.

  11. Use different levels of questions during feedback.

  12. Design creative play-based activities for preschool children.

  13. Discuss challenges you may face while conducting the activities and ways to overcome them.


This course will be delivered using Google Classroom. In order to access Google Classroom, you must have an account. Learn how to create a new Google Classroom account or how to join a course here. If you have been selected, you will be contacted by the course instructor and you can join the course via the class code that is provided. For any queries, please contact the course instructor at this email: literacyeltc@gmail.com


  • Tier I Bronze Badge: TPACK - Pedagogy

  • An e-certificate