CEFR Familiarisation: Teacher Education

By: ELTC | Open Course | Tier I: Foundation

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  • Duration: (The course has been closed for 2020. It will be available in 2021)

  • Credit hours: 2

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  • Pre-requisites: The course is designed for SISC+ officers

  • Instructor email: eltc.cefr2020@gmail.com

Course Description

This course introduces participants to the CEFR scales across the four language skills. The "can do" statements describe user abilities as well as the teaching and learning practices based on the CEFR for teacher educators.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To describe what learners need to learn to develop language learning skills.

  2. To apply different approaches to develop language awareness.

  3. To define the 6 levels of proficiency based on the CEFR.


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