Integrated Microlearning Programme with Robust Virtual Experience or IMPROVE is designed for all educators to provide PD training that is personalised, ubiquitous and available on-demand. Although courses offered via IMPROVE are mapped against 8 domains that are designed based on the CPD framework for ELT practitioners, educators from varying fields will find them helpful as part of their professional and personal growth. Combined with a unique edtech integration model based on the TPACK framework, IMPROVE flexibly allows participants to customize their professional development training to meet their personal learning needs. IMPROVE is also integrated with AI technology to support data analysis and programme upgrading.

How does it work?

1. Choose a micro course

Select a course from any of the 8 domains - designed based on the CPD framework for ELT practitioners, or follow a specialised improvement pathway.

2. Complete the course

Join the course using the access code provided and complete 'bite-size' online tasks anywhere at any time - at your own leisure.

3. Get rewarded

Earn points, badges and e-certificates as well as professional development hours in SPLKPM.

Interactive IMPROVE Guidelines

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IMPROVEcreds Guidelines on Micro-credentials for IMPROVE

IMPROVE Quick Guide

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So, how would you like to improve today?

Join a Micro Course

Follow an Improvement Pathway

Get assisted by AI

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