DLP Advanced English Support Course 2021 for Mathematics Teachers

By: ELTC | Closed Course | Tier II: Developing

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  • Duration: 29.01.2021 - 30.04.2021

  • LMS: Google Classroom

  • Access Codes: (only provided for selected participants)

  • Instructor email: diana.fatimah@eltc.edu.my

  • Pre-requisite: Completion of DLP English Support "Language Awareness" Course

Course Description

This course is relevant to teachers teaching Mathematics in the KSSR/KSSM classroom. It is intended to enhance participants' proficiency and competencies in the English language. Course participants will explore a repertoire of thematic language-based activities which provide language awareness and support, and strengthens the language skills for teaching the targeted subjects. The content of this course encompasses language skills and language content. It is aimed at offering extended support to further enhance and expand participants' English Language proficiency for better efficiency and effectiveness when communicating in English, both during the teaching and learning of Mathematics lessons, and outside the classroom with students, friends and colleagues.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply basic listening strategies to demonstrate comprehension of a variety of texts.

  2. Communicate reasonably accurately in a teaching and learning context.

  3. Apply appropriate reading strategies to comprehend texts.

  4. Write coherent short sentences and paragraphs to indicate comprehension of texts.

  5. Display sound knowledge of basic grammar rules.


This course will be delivered using Google Classroom. In order to access Google Classroom, you must have an account. Learn how to create a new Google Classroom account or how to join a course here. If you have been selected, you will be contacted by the course instructor and you can join the course via the class code that is provided. You must use your MoE Google IDs (moe-dl) to join this course. For any queries, please contact the course instructor at this email address: diana.fatimah@eltc.edu.my


  • Tier II Silver Badge: TPACK - Content

  • An e-certificate