By:  ELTC  |  Closed Course  |  Tier I: Foundation

Course Description

This course focuses on Program Transformasi Sekolah 2025 (TS25) and Integrated Microlearning Programme with Robust Virtual Experience (IMPROVE). In this course, participants will learn about the different aspects of TS25 including concept, objectives, planning and implementation. Participants will also learn about IMPROVE and how to manage it as a course provider. Ultimately, the course aims at exploring potential integration opportunities between TS25 and IMPROVE. 

Learning Outcomes


This course will be delivered using a blended approach of onsite training and online interaction via Google Classroom. In order to access Google Classroom, you must have an account. Learn how to create a new Google Classroom account or how to join a course here. You must use your MoE Google Classroom IDs to join this course using the class code that is provided. For any queries, please contact the course instructor at this email: